Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to sindicate "Wikipedia Infobox" to our blog element?

Everyone loves Wikipedia. I likes the way Wikipedia put their resume of the subject on it's right corner page. It is called Infobox, right? Actually, i want to put some specific subject Infobox into my site. While we could sindicate any blog post through the available atom / RSS Feeds, i'm curious to find the way to republish the Infobox content (with it's real time update) to any other web pages.

I've searched the Google, they said we must put the Wiki Infobox Template to our Wiki page. In other word, we must install the same wiki engine into our hosting, run it, and republish those Infoboxes. No, not that way guys, i need the simple code, widget, or something to copy and paste into our pages. I've search the Google Widget to find this kind of widget. Nothing, there are many Wikipedia search box widget, but none to solve the problem.

I know, there must be some genius to make it happen. Perhaps someone like you my friend :). Please leads me the way...

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