Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where i can find a good CMS for Social Bookmarking Site?

I'm looking for a free / opensource CMS to build a Social Bookmarking site. I love the way DIGG, MIXX, Technorati, and other social bookmarking site works. I wish, i could start the same services, maybe in Indonesian Language :). Offcourse, with a non web programming skill, lol... Is there any good one? Perhaps, we could make it together, please contact me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

How to create a read more link in blogger post?

Some blogs have the "read more" links on their posts. They put the first paragraph in the main page, and the complete article on it's individual post page. Nice placement.

But, I wonder why Blogger do not have that post ability? I found some bloggers have a little trick to make it happen. Well, how to do it, my friend?

Monday, December 1, 2008

What is the best blogger posting tool?

I've been using Deepest Sender to post my Wordpress blog contents. It is simple, easy, and fast. But, the only matter is this tool can't work with the Blogger. I try many others blog client, but they always have the function limitation. They can access the blogger engine and post as well, but the problem is about how to make the link post title. Some others having the problem for tagging / labelling too!

It is worth to save the bandwidth and time to publish a new post, right? Any idea to solve this trouble? please share me some if you have the good blogging tool one. Okay?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where i can find a best free screen capture?

I'm looking for a best free screen capture software. Something like SnagIT or Camtasia. I need it to capture the screen movement and save the action to any video file format with support multi video file format, easy to convert. I will love it when the video output files are small with high quality.

I have try some, but most of them not really free. Some are asking users to upgrade to continue the software function (in fact, i wonder why they call it for free, it is shareware or demo one right?). Some put their title the screen capture results and make the video looks ugly.

What is the best free "SEO Oriented CMS" out there?

I do a little research to find the best open source SEO Oriented CMS for my new site. I mean, this SEO things are pre-included, so the CMS is ready to run without making any further effort to the SEO side. For instant, we don't need to built the sitemap manually, choosing the right title, count the heading characters, and some...

My gurus gives their advice to use Joomla! or Wordpress. But i found Joomla is a little bit complicated while Wordpress is too hard to redesign because it is for blogging engine. What do you think about this?

How to sindicate "Wikipedia Infobox" to our blog element?

Everyone loves Wikipedia. I likes the way Wikipedia put their resume of the subject on it's right corner page. It is called Infobox, right? Actually, i want to put some specific subject Infobox into my site. While we could sindicate any blog post through the available atom / RSS Feeds, i'm curious to find the way to republish the Infobox content (with it's real time update) to any other web pages.

I've searched the Google, they said we must put the Wiki Infobox Template to our Wiki page. In other word, we must install the same wiki engine into our hosting, run it, and republish those Infoboxes. No, not that way guys, i need the simple code, widget, or something to copy and paste into our pages. I've search the Google Widget to find this kind of widget. Nothing, there are many Wikipedia search box widget, but none to solve the problem.

I know, there must be some genius to make it happen. Perhaps someone like you my friend :). Please leads me the way...

How to fix "No operating system found" error on my PC?

I was in the middle of something when suddently my PC hang. So, i tried to reboot. Now what! i've got this error message... "No operating system found". Unfortunately, i have 2 operating systems on my PC, Windows XP and Ubuntu... are they gone forever?

I've checked those cables and things looks fine. I gived up! So, i've tried to reinstall my Windows XP. But i've got the new surprise! The old first partition cannot be formatted as a brand new partition.

Do you have any suggest? please help...